Why Can Wedding Photography Cost so Much

We all want the best pictures at the wedding either as the bride and groom or as the guest, but we still complain about the high cost of photography. We often forget that photography is more than just clicking on the camera here and there. Like any other profession, it deserves the high cost for its work. Here are some reasons why wedding photography costs so much:

It is an Art:

The photographer is expected to come to the wedding some hours before hand, and he takes pictures of the small details of the decorations. He is supposed to take a million pictures of the bride in different poses and different settings. We often wonder how tired must the bride be, but the photographer must be more tired. Not only that but they take more than one picture of the same setting in order to get one perfect picture. It is indeed a work of art that requires immense patience.


The equipment or the camera that the photographer brings to the wedding is not an ordinary camera, but it must be a professional camera that must have cost a lot of money. Not only that but the batteries, memory cards, flashes and other lighting equipment cost too. Not to forget the after photography works on Photoshop.

The irregularity of Income:

It is not a 9-5 corporate job with a set income for the employees. There is a lot of irregularity involved in income as the photographers usually start getting work during the time of the wedding season. Outside of that season, they have no guaranty of work. To fill that distance in their incomes, they would have to charge higher prices during the seasons they finally get some work.