Characteristics of a Good Party DJ

There must have been times when you must have come home with sore feet from dancing all night. Later you might have thought that there was something about the DJ that kind of brought life to your body from the music he played. What was about him and the music that set him apart? There must be some characteristics than that make good DJs:

Passionate DJs:

Like passionate writers share their emotions through their writing, passionate DJs share their emotions through the music.  The drum, the bass should have just the right beat to bring the crowd to an electric point. The DJ should be passionate about music and know it better than anyone else in the crowd. Energy is contagious, and he should be the most energetic at the party.


A DJ is a part of the crowd. He needs to belong and flow with the music, not let his ego come in between. It is when he remembers that he is not a God and people will not fall at his feet that he will be more committed to the people he is performing for.


Everyone in the crowd has heard those very songs before, and the DJ knows it. His job is to somehow channel these songs in such a way that they create the best night for the audience. He is supposed to play the tracks in such a way that the people are mesmerized.


It is an art of the DJ to know when to hold back and when to have the crowd in a fever pitch. It is not always supposed to be a moment for building energy. This might exhaust the crowd too quickly. The DJ has to know when not to get the people too tired or too bored and when exactly they need that energy to ride on.